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What Our Customers Have To Say.

So excited for this shipment: I ❤️ your products & as mentioned life isn’t the same without it.


Portland, Oregon

I became a huge fan of Rilevare after discovering Florida in a bottle last year in Naples while visiting my in laws. I have Hashimoto's and don't tolerate perfumes or fragrances. My laundry detergent and shampoo have no smell. I don't even wear deodorant anymore. But Florida in a bottle makes me smell heavenly again!!


Thank you!!



I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you so much for the free gift and wonderful customer service.  I recommend your company and products to everyone.  I love this product and can't wait to try more things!  I bought this for a coworkers birthday because she loves smelling it on me. 

Jessica Treat


 We recieved our sample with my order. It smells awesome Saperna! I think I'll be ordering some for Christmas.

Dawn Majalca 

Tucson, Arizona

This is great perfume Saperna!

 I love it and please tell your girls that I said it is totally cool!

 I look forward to telling everyone about it.

 Have a wonderful strawberry day!

 Best regards,


 Cynthia Moon


Best Lotion and perfume I have ever bought! 

Jana Krater

Got mine and I LOVE it!! ( CaliforniaLemon " After Beach Lotion " )

Lorie Artery

Rilevare is by far the BEST feeling lotion out there. I'm in love! My skin feels and smells amazing! 

Brittany Lea Steen

The lotion and oils are my absolute favorite ��
Love the scent so unique it really is like stepping on a Florida beach

Bonnie Borkovich Decelle

Florida in a bottle is the best smelling perfume I have ever smelt and it is very long lasting ! Highly recommend

Kennedy Kortowich

Traditional perfumes give me instant headaches. My girls and I love Rilevare!

Jennifer Shaver


I bought my first product today, love the smell and feel!

Rach Sanger

North Port, Florida

I am proud to announce that the ONLY fragrances that are applied to my skin are Florida in a bottle and a few other 100% organic essential oils. The house is FREE of all other perfumes. I simply could NOT give up my Angel perfume, until I found Florida in a bottle💙✌️☮️🌏 Now I'm hooked on it! Nothing better! Thank you for making it!

Suesi Lane

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Love these products! I have been a customer from Day One with the launch of "Rlie" now called "Florida in a bottle" I love the perfume and absolutelylove the lotions. I have a dry patch on my elbow that just never goes away and on cold winter just gets worse. These lotions are actually helping and the dry patch is about have the size now after 3 mos.

Sheila Kono


Randi Priest I got a horrible sunburn yesterday, and today I was like "I wish I had a good lotion that won't irritate my skin..." then I remembered my mom got me one of your lotions for Christmas.... Omg, it's amazing! I love how it's whipped and smells so good ALL DAY. Plus I know it'll help heal it up fast.

​Randi Priest

Osteen Florida

I appreciate your natural perfume so much. I get migraines and can’t wear regular perfumes. This is the first one that doesn’t cause a migraine at all.

Debra, North Carolina

Omg...thank you so much! I’m so excited to try this lotion. ( Talking About Rilevare CBD Lotion ). I love all of your products!! I use ALL of them and share with everyone how much I love them!

Katie Simmons

This stuff is the best!!

Sandra Houge, Ormond Beach FL.

I absolutely love this cream and it's even better it's made at my favorite place!! New Smyrna 💕
Thank you for making a beautiful product

Laura Bovat

Jackie Casey Wachenschwanz reviewed Rilevare — 5 star

· September 23 ·

I just purchased two of special package with Florida in a bottle , a drop of golden sun, and the after beach lotion. I am excited to share the products with others as gifts. The package arrived promptly and the products are very luxurious.

Jackie Casey Wachenschwanz

September 23, 2017

I just ordered my Rilevare, Florida in a bottle a few nights ago and it arrived in the mail today!! I love this stuff!!

Stephanie Dunn, Longwood FL.

My skin thirsts for this lotion! We LOVE it in our household!!

Kelinda Coviello-Instagram

I love "Florida in a Bottle" perfume! All natural ingredients. It smells so fresh and light with a scent of Florida. It's THE perfect Florida perfume. So nice... I close my eyes and the scent takes me away to the beach. Not strong at all. I'm able to wear it without sneezing. I love that it is made right here in New Smyrna Beach! Rilevare line is all over Florida and probably in a health food store near you. Try it... You will love it too. Beach life..Rilevare life.


Cherie Jason McCarthy

Krista Nicole I purchased "Florida in a bottle" for my Mother, Glenna Jean, for Christmas last year, and love how it smells! I love how it reminds me of the beach, and Citrus groves that I grew up running around in, and vanilla orchids...perfectly Florida!

Krista Nicole, Orlando FL

I got Florida in a Bottle a couple of years ago for Mother's Day and it was my favorite perfume ever! It reminded me of an orange dreamsicle! My favorite thing about it was that it is made with natural ingredients, like essential oils, and not nasty chemicals that other perfumes contain. I am a huge fan of oils! I also loved that a little bit goes a long bottle lasted me quite a long time (6 months or more), even with daily use! !

Jessica Bray

I absolutely love Rilevare. I wear it over all my other perfumes. My nephew has an autoimmune disorder and cannot be around any perfumes or smells and I can wear this and he has no reactions to it.

Jessie Bradford, Beckley West Virginia

I love, love, love this perfume and lotion!!!! It's smells absolutely amazing and feels good to put on. I love that it's all natural. And it's made by an amazing lady and her family

Christina McPherson Vaught, Pasco, WA

You need to try Florida in a bottle all natural cologne and lotion! I put the lotion on my legs at night and in the morning they still look hydrated. I also just tried Lemon lotion and that is just as awesome!

Coleen Boyd Baldwin, Oviedo FL

Oh my goodness. Florida in a bottle is beyond amazing!!!  After living on the beach for 16 years you get use to the scent of the salt and citrus trees🍊. Florida in a bottle brings me back to the warm summer days laying out on the beach. The uplifting scent of citrus makes my heart fill with joy. I've worn this before and get nothing but compliments on it. I love this company because I love local businesses and always support them & ITS ALL NATURAL, HELLO, if that doesn't suck you in from the get go. I don't know what will. This scent will ALWAYS make my heart feel full and remind me what Florida is all about.

Tara Amoth, Seminole FL

If you haven't tried their products yet, you should. They're all natural, vegetarian, cruelty free, and they smell good enough to eat. I love Florida in a Bottle. 

Chakalaka Cavy

I love Florida in a bottle for many reasons. One being I love it's a family company and that I love your family😊❤, 2- I love that it's natural and that I know what I'm putting on my skin even while being pregnant wasn't going to harm me or my baby, 3- I love how it feels, the lotion feels so amazing and makes my skin glow!!! 4- the smell!!!! Can't say enough amazing things about the smell!!! I love Fl in a bottle because it makes me feel happy. I put it on and it smells so fresh and so clean. Doesn't get any better ❤❤❤❤

Rochelle Dye, New Smyrna Beach FL.

I love, Love, LOVE MINE.

Trudy Black, Arizona

I am obsessed with this and tell everyone who will listen ( lol)) how amazing it is. I've never smelt anything so nice!! I've already turned so many of my girlfriends and family in to it already. Everywhere I go people ask me what it is I'm wearing.... I try new stuff all the time but, I just really love this! I also really love that you are a family business! Great job with this and PLEASE never stop making it!!!

Stacey, Dunedin Florida

People keep asking why I smell so good! I tell them Florida in a bottle!

April, Corry PA

The absolute best!

Andrea, Saint Pete Florida

All natural! The perfume is wonderful and I want to roll around in the lotion all day!

Michelle, Tucosn AZ

I received my order! LOVE IT!!! I put the lotion on my face as well. I usually use only coconut oil which is too oily. But the lotion is very creamy and feels nice. The perfume is very nice too. Light and fresh! I usually don't wear perfume due to the strong fragrances. My husband has allergies. So far this works. Thank you for getting it here on my birthday!! Will order again.

Cherie, Edgewater FL.

I'm in love with the cream is absolutely wonderful my hands are very soft!

Judith, Oviedo FL.

Love your After Beach Lotion. Leaves you with silky smooth skin with my favorite tropical scents.

Lyris, Central Florida

All what I can say is the lotion is luxurious😍 absolutely to die for

Bonnie, California

Love love  love your after sun lotion! This dry mama feels soft! Organic, toxic free, local, minimal, small biz, all my favorite things! Thank you!

Erin, Daytona Beach FL.

I can't express how much I love both Florida in a Bottle and the Beach Lotion. I put the lotion on earlier this morning because my skin was excessively dry. Almost instantly my skin improved and still feels amazing. The best part, other than the amazing fragrance, is that I know there are no harmful ingredients. Amazing products from a equally amazing family.

Angel, New Smyrna Beach FL.

I don't write public messages on products but I do want to mention that since I've been using your perfume, other perfumes smell too strong, causing me to have headaches sometimes. I like the subtlety of your perfume and it's gentle on those who has asthma. Thank you for creating something so lovely my friend. I can't wait to try your lotion next.

Kris, California

The perfume is so beautiful!! I love the smell and the fact that I can trust the ingredients. It has made wonderful gifts for friends and family.

Candy, Shawnee Kansas

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PERFUME AND LOTION!!! IF I could take baths in it I would!!!! The lotion is so creamy and look, feels, and smells so delicious to eat! The perfume I get so many compliments on! This is my favorite perfume ever and I love that is 100% natural!!! This is a perfume and lotion sent from heaven!!! So glad I got to come across the wonderful women that is behind making these items

Markesha, Tampa Florida

My name is Bonnie and I live in California, I was visiting my sister last year in New Smyrna beach and came across a health food store Heaths, that's where I found Florida in a bottle. I absolutely love the scent it smells wonderful like nothing I have smelt before! I bring it with me everywhere I go, it makes me happy like a little pick me up during the day. I love that it's all natural made with essential oils and healthy for my skin. Thank you so much for making this perfume! Hopefully I will be able to buy it in California soon

Bonnie, Santa Clarita, CA

I absolutely love, love, love Rilevare‼ It's the only perfume I can use since it's made from essential oils and no chemicals‼ It smells wonderful‼

Karen, Daytona Beach FL.

So, I had been following Rilevare for a while on social media. Low and behold I made a new friend. Ordered the new lotion which not only smells dreamy!!! It feels like a cloud….I am literally addicted to it. I use it everywhere, My legs..hands..arms..lips and even my hair. It is all natural..Smells great and feels incredible. Order it today. You won’t be sorry!  

Meridith, Totowa NJ

Rilevare is probably one of the best products I have ever used! Florida in a bottle. I use this in many ways and I feel great about using natural ingredients on my body and smell beautiful! The lotion/cream is absolutely wonderful! As I age, my skin is more dry and this is the best lotion/cream I have used on me and I stay nicely hydrated! I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you Relivare for taking care of your women!

Kimberly, Salem Oregon

I am in love with Rile perfume!!! It is truly lovely and beautiful. Love the attention to detail and the smell is delicious and wonderful! Keep up the awesome work!! There is also a review of the fragrance on my YouTube Channel CountryMamaBeauty! This is definitely a must have ladies!!


June 5, 2015

Rile smells amazing! The applicator wand makes me feel like a fairy princess. My skin even feels smoother where I’ve been wearing it. Love that it’s all natural. Don’t need anymore fake chemicals in my day!

Teresa, New York, NY

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