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"A Drop Of Golden Sun", is made with 3 different types of Cedar Wood essential oils, Real Clary Sage, Real Spice, Real Lavender, Real Lemon and Real Grapefruit. If you love woodsy, earthy scents then this fragrance is for you. "A Drop Of Golden Sun", has a woodsy, sultry scent that not only smells like a relaxing day at the beach but is also is good for stress and relaxation. This perfume has a base oil made with our NON GMO Grapeseed Oil. There is nothing out there like "A DROP OF GOLDEN SUN" on the market for men like this. Not only will you smell good but these essential oils are known to help balance stress.

10ml Glass Roller Bottle.

The perfect men’s fragrance without chemical and made with essential oils.


"A Drop Of Golden Sun" Rollerball Bottle 10ML

SKU: 0009
  • Re is made with eleven different natural oils: 3 different cedar woods, real coconut, real clary sage, real rosemary, real citrus, real spice, and real soothing Non-GMO grape seed oil base.

  • If you are not satisfied with your order, please return within 15 days for a full refund.

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