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Bush Leaves
Bush Leaves

                            Ingredient Commitment


5 1/2 years in business now. Rilevare is committed to keeping our products simple and made with only the best ingredients we can find. Rilevare is not only family-owned but women run. As a wife and mother of 2 little ones, I want the best for my family, all people, animals, and the planet. When creating perfumes and lotions we keep you in mind..


Our perfumes and lotions are created with natural essential and non-GMO base oils. 

We NEVER test on animals.

We don't use animal products in our products.


                                        Why Real Oils?


Rilevare creates unique perfumes and lotions with you


and your health in mind.  Made with the best natural


oils we can find. Rilevare prides itself on being a


company for those who want to smell wonderful, but


don’t want all the toxins that go along with it.


When you purchase Rilevare products you will see, feel, and smell the difference.  

Is your perfume making you sick? Why not try real perfume?


Perfume made without all the chemicals. It is time to make


the switch. Rilevare believes in only selling the best products.


Simple ingredients. No junk.


Our Lotions 

Are made with only the best ingredients. Each batch takes over an hour and a half to make. You will feel and smell the difference when using our lotions. A little bit goes a long way because we never use alcohol, water, or fillers to cheapen the product.







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