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Rilevare Kids 


Available Now.

"Strawberry Lane" Perfume & Full Body Lotion.

Here At Rilevare Kids.

Rilevare Kids™ is CO-Owned By The Two Sisters,  A fruity, warm and sweet perfume. Like a warm hug. Strawberry Lane is a fun perfume for any kid or “Kid At Heart”. Contains Real Non-GMO Orange Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, and Grapeseed Oil Infused Within their perfume.

Made in The USA.

Not for Human Consumption. 9ML. 

We Never Test On Animals 

Hi Guys,

  Welcome to Rilevare Kids. Rilevare Kids is Co-owned by the two sisters. Mikeila and Lana. They wanted to create products that are better for everyone while also being fun! All made in the USA and formulated with their ideas and their mommy’s experience we are excited to introduce our 2nd. Product! Full Body Whipped Cream. Our newest product. Strawberry Lane, Perfume. A Fun, Sweeter, YUMMY Perfume is already a hit. It is our mission that Rilevare Kids will be a place that is for all kids and kids at heart! Rilevare Kids to always be a safe place for all children and animals. Keeping our content safe and our products fun. We will never test on animals


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