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Gift set includes (2) Florida In A Bottle, Perfume 10ml

(1) California Lemon After Beach Lotion (Lemon) 4oz

(1) Florida In A Bottle After Beach Lotion(Orange) 4oz



Our natural perfume has 0 alcohol and a little goes a long way. " Florida In A Bottle ", perfume is a fan favorite. Sold in 102 stores across Florida. We know how many women look forward to putting " Florida In A Bottle " perfume on every day. What we also know is there is a reason. The citrus essential oils in "Florida In A Bottle", are known to help uplift. Research has shown that Bergamot in fact has been used to help fight depression. We do know that we are told daily how much our customers love this perfume and there is a reason. We don’t skimp out on quality. We use only the best essential oils to make our perfumes.


Ingredients: " Florida In A Bottle "perfume, is made with real citruses, real Bergamot, real Lavender and warmth notes. Our base oil is a NON-GMO skin softening, Grapeseed-oil. "Florida In A Bottle", is our signature perfume.


We are proud to be known as " Florida's perfume ". How it got its name? We did not name "Florida In A Bottle", "Florida In A bottle“. We started selling our perfume at a large store near Disney World and all the tourist would say "It smells like Florida'. From there it took on a life of its own and "Florida In A Bottle' was born. We love sharing that our customers name our perfume!

After Beach Lotion-LEMON

Have you heard about our "After Beach Lotion" ? Use this amazing, whipped lotion head to toe. There is nothing on the planet like it. Each batch takes over two hours. " California Lemon " scented " After Beach Lotion " 4oz each, 100% Vegan Beauty Product. We never Test On Animals. This product has 0 Fillers, 0 Additives and 100% Gluten Free. 100% Plant-Based Ingredients. Perfect For Those Who Want 100% Natural Skin-Care. Smells so yummy you are going to want to eat it! A Fan Favorite with our Vegan, Rilevare Brand Ambassadors. " After Beach Lotion " truly is a natural beauty and skincare product.

  • "After Beach Lotion" with the scent of "California Lemon", is the perfect lotion for those with extra dry skin. Shea Butter, Organic NON GMO Coconut Oil, NON GMO Grapeseed Oil, NON GMO Avocado Oil, California Lemon Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil. California is delicate, soft and whipped like whip cream. This lotion is perfect from head to toe and not to be used just after you leave the beach but anytime! Our "After Beach Lotion" is named in honor of our beach town here in Florida, New Smyrna Beach. The smell of this lotion reminds of us of a soft, cool summer day at the beach.

After Beach Lotion -ORANGE

Our Natural Lotion Is A Fan Favorite. " After Beach Lotion ", truly is natural skin care, beauty. "After Beach Lotion" is made with Shea Butter, Organic Coconut oil then infused with our very own " Florida In A Bottle " perfume which includes ( Real Bergamot, Real Oranges and Real Lavender ) . This lotion offers extra moisture. The best part... it smells like a piece of heaven!

Each batched is made-

Each batch takes over two hours. You will feel and smell a difference when using our lotions. Made with only the finest ingredients.

Where Can I use my " After Beach Lotion?

We use it all over! In fact our whole team uses it on their face as well as their body. It is time to see why women around the USA have given up their Face Creams for our " After Beach Lotion ".

Gift Set

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