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( Our favorite Natural Perfume " Florida In A Bottle ", perfume and our " After Beach Lotion " of " Florida In A Bottle ", comes in this gift set! Hurry while it last. We use only the best natural ingredients. )

10ml Roller-Bottle of our " Florida In A Bottle" perfume " and our 4oz " After beach Lotion ".

Ingredients: " Florida In A Bottle ", is made with real Citruses, real Bergamot, real Lavender and warmth notes. Our base oil is a NON-GMO skin softening, Grapeseed-oil. "Florida In A Bottle", is our signature perfume. Our perfumes have 0 alcohol. A little goes a long way. We know how many women look forward to putting this perfume on every day. What we also know is there is a reason. The citrus essential oils in " Florida In a Bottle ", are known to help uplift. Research has shown that Bergamot in fact has been used to help fight depression. We do know that we are told daily how much our customers love this perfume and there is a reason. We don’t skimp out on quality. We use only the best oils to make our perfumes. We are proud to be known as " Florida's perfume ". How it got its name? We did not name "Florida In A Bottle", "Florida In A bottle“. We started selling our perfume at a large store near Disney World and all the tourist would say "It smells like Florida'. From there it took on a life of its own and "Florida In A Bottle' born. We love sharing that our customers named our perfume!

4oz " After Beach Lotion " this whipper creamy lotion takes over an hour and a half to create. There is a reason our lotions are given such amazing reviews. We never skimp out on quality. Our " After Beach Lotion " is made with Shea Butter, Organic Coconut oil then infused with our very own " Florida In A Bottle " scent which includes ( Real Bergamot, Real Oranges and Real Lavender ) . This lotion offers extra moisture for those "Hot Summer" days or after a long day in the sun. The best part... it smells like a piece of heaven!

Where Can I use my " After Beach Lotion?" We use it all over! In fact our whole team uses it on their face as well as their body. It is the only lotion our founder, Saperna uses on her face due to her very sensitive skin.


.10ml Florida In A Bottle Perfume & Florida After Beach Lotion

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