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Strawberry Lane Perfume

This year my two daughter's have been working on a new project, Rilevare Kids. Their first perfume Strawberry Lane launched November 2, 2018 and they have already received their first store order at Debbie’s Health Foods in Orange City, Florida. They are so excited to see where this new journey will go. They have BIG goals. They actively are involved in Rilevare Kids. In fact yesterday Mikeila had a chance to take the perfume into Debbie’s and sell it to the customers. She received amazing reviews and in fact almost sold out! They cannot wait for you to try it. As the amazing reviews keep coming in, we are excited to see where this will grow and what new stores it will be in soon. Stay tuned.

Strawberry Lane Perfume is the perfect perfume for all ages. Citrus, Sweeter and Warmer. This perfume is not only fun but amazing to see how different it smells on everyone! Truly a perfume that works with your own chemistry. In fact on Mikeila it smells like FRESH Cotton Candy. On one customer is smelled like yummy chocolate. On another it smelled like a strawberry citrus farm.( Each person enjoyed how it worked with their natural chemistry. )

Debbie and Leon, Owners of Both Debbie's Health Foods In Orang City Florida And Port Orange Florida. Trying Out Strawberry Lane Perfume.

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