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Eating healthy and working out is important but we also believe massage is also very important for a

The more we learn ❤️. Eating healthy, working out is important but we also believe Massage is also very important for a healthy lifestyle. We believe it is just as important as those other things. Why? Here are some amazing examples.❤️❤️❤️ The Mayo Clinic list some of these reasons:


*Digestive disorders

*Fibromyalgia *Headaches

*Insomnia related to stress

*Myofascial pain syndrome

*Soft tissue strains or injuries

*Sports injuries *joint pain

*Temporomandibular joint pain

The list goes on depending on the research. One of the one that stands out to me is stress. Research shows more and more of us are under increased amount of stress. On a budget? Set aside a few extra dollars a week. Try this. Stop buying drinks out other then water for the year. ( Requires a little at home planning. ) The amount we spend on liquids other then water may not only help us get that massage we desperately need but also help our health in the long run. Giving up that bottle of wine, that coffee run, packaged juices and coffees can be a great way to cut some expenses and improve our long term health. is your home for all things real. #spas #spa #rilevare #newsmyrnabeach #vacation #relax #stress #wellness #vegan #beauty #perfume #floridalifestyle #floridalife #beachlife #massage #gym #plantbased #healthyeats #saintpetersburg #saintpete

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