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Have you made the switch to Natural Perfume?

At Rilevare we believe that Natural Perfume is just as important as eating NON -GMO and Organic Foods. When looking for a natural beauty company it can be over whelming in knowing which company is right for you. Rilevare is the go to for plant-based, natural lotion and perfumes. Time and time again, customers tell us our perfume is the only perfume they can wear. We never use alcohol. I don't drink alcohol and I don't put it on my skin. I believe our skin is just as important as the inside of our body. I have chosen to keep alcohol out of all of our beauty and natural skin care products. Have you thought about making the switch to natural beauty products? I also have been on this journey and what I am finding is how difficult it is to find simple plant-based products. Being in the natural industry I tend to look at products every day and what I find is Rilevare's " After Beach Lotion ", truly is amazing. Barbara, one of our customer's has now given up her $300 cream for Rilevare's " After Beach Lotion ". I too only use this cream on my face. It is time to consider making the switch to natural. Rilevare is here for you.

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