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Rilevare Launch Party

I have anticipated this day for weeks and it is finally here! What an amazing day with family and friends celebrating the launch of Rilevare and our first fragrance, Rile.

So many doubts running through my head, what if they don’t like our fragance? All these thoughts floating in my mind right now can be overwhelming, but I have to shake it off and get ready for our party.

Maria, our make-up artist is amazing! She came over and did our make-up for the party.

I am excited to have everyone finally experience RILE and understand what we are all about. I sometimes feel some of my friends and family don’t really get it, therefore, I hope that they will after tonight.

The party was at held at the Westin which was just beautiful. The event was like a dream, the food was delicious and the singer, Mary, was amazing.

About 100 people attended and I was in tears from the all the love and support we received. What a great night!


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