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We Are Excited to announce our First Lotion By Rilevare Kids.

Full Body Whipped Cream

 3oz(Quantity (2)

Perfect For Travel

This rich whipped body cream, is made with Shea-butter, Raw Coco-Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Non-GMO Grape-Seed Oil, Oranges, Lavender, and our "Strawberry Lane", Perfume.   

 Smells like strawberry and a light chocolaty desert.  

We are excited for this newest product. The Two Sisters are co-owners of Rilevare Kids. Changing the way we beauty. Perfumes and lotions made a better way. 0 Fillers, we never test on animals. Made in the USA. Rilevare, is a family company. 


(2) Full Body Whipped Cream

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